With Big John’s tire services, you can find tires for your car, truck and SUV at competitive prices and a huge selection of wheels and tires to suit any vehicle. We can diagnose and correct your tire and alignment problems, give you a tire patch when safely indicated, or help you choose new tires. We have a huge selection of trusted, name-brand tires in all sizes and styles to get you rolling down the road again. We carry all season tires, performance tires and winter tires. We can repair your flat safely, rotate your tires and handle tire balancing and any vibration issues you may have. Our tire experts have the experience to provide you with the right tires and the right price. Don’t risk driving on weather worn or cracked tires- If you would like a free tire inspection- come in today.

When do I need a tire inspection or upgrade? Here you can find common reasons that you may need to have your tires inspected by a professional.

  • My tires are wearing on the edges– often times the car is out of alignment, and needs to be aligned. Also issues with worn ball joints or tie rods can lead to wear on tire edges.
  • My car is vibrating and the steering wheel is shaking at highway speed– this can be due to several issues, the first is the wheels being out of balance and secondly the front end may need a fresh alignment. We can help.
  • My car is pulling to one side– Your car may be riding on mismatched tires, is out of alignment or your simply need to have the air checked in your tires and inflated correctly. Let us check for you, it may be a simple fix.
  • My tires squeal– this is a typical sign of underinflated tires, or possible you have a loose wheel cover or lug nut. It is important to have this checked by our professional mechanics.