Big John’s is your go-to exhaust repair and installation team. With over 25 years of experience, our expert mechanics can repair your muffler or replace it, and understand the specifics of your exhaust systems. Cars in North Dakota winters experience excess condensation in the winter weather, especially when driving on short errands, and this causes exhaust systems to wear at a faster rate than average. If you hear excessive noise at idle or acceleration, and suspect an exhaust problem, come in today for a thorough inspection of your exhaust and let us put your mind at ease. If you need repairs, call us TODAY for a quote- our customers know that we give you an honest estimate and a timely service to get you going safely.

Custom Exhaust Installs

At Big Johns, we have highly skilled and experienced mechanics that understand the exact details of installing a custom exhaust system. Our team members have been serving our customers with very specialized exhaust system installs- with guaranteed fit, and meeting the specific vehicle requirements- providing more power, better sound, correct ground clearance and good looks. Ask us today, how we can customize your exhaust system.